100lb UTV Road Feeder by Lamco Feeders

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The Lamco UTV 100 lb. Road Feeder is designed to fit perfectly on your Ranger, Mule or other utility terrain vehicles. The road feeder fits into the receiver of your UTV and gives you the most ground clearance while still being able to lower your tailgate. Worried about those rough ranch roads? Lamco built this feeder using heavy gauge material with all weld construction to withstand the terrain. The Lamco spinner plate is designed to work in harsh conditions and no corn will be wasted when not in use. Extend your range, take corn to your deer! 

The Lamco UTV Road Feeder features stainless steel cup plate, 12 volt accessory cord and an all weather rubber latch.


  • Stainless Steel Cup Plate
  • 12 volt accessory cord
  • All weather rubber latch


  • Feeder Capacity - 100lb.


  • Wireless Remote

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