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When doves approach any area, they are particularly attracted to a dead snag, or a wire, or food or other doves, and providing any of the above will create a dove magnet. The New MOJO “Quick Set” Dove Tree provides all of these attractants except for food.

Made of 3 sections approximately 29” long and connected by an internal elastic band for great portability and very quick and easy assembly in the field, it extends to 8 feet high and is designed to display both static decoys and the MOJO Voodoo Dove. It instantly creates a DOVE MAGNET!

+ FLAWLESS DESIGN: Lightweight and portable, easy to set up, accommodates all current decoys

+ MIMIC AN ENTIRE FLOCK OF DOVES: Foldable cross arms that hold up to 6 static decoys.

+ TOUGH ENOUGH FOR ALL-SEASON USE: Utilizes MOJO's new "Hard Ground Stirrup" with steel spike for easy insertion, even in hard ground

+ EASY TO TRANSPORT: Complete with convenient carrying bag

+ BRING IN MORE DOVES, END OF STORY: The easiest way to create a dove magnet in the field!

+ Hub on top to hold MOJO Voodoo Dove or other MOJO Decoy

+ Assembles and folds by use of plug together joints and internal elastic bands like tent stakes

- Never lose parts again

- Assembly quick and easy

- Disassembly just as easy 

The EASIEST WAY to create a DOVE MAGNET in the field.

Note: Dove decoys are NOT included.

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