600lb Electric Stand & Fill Protein Feeder by All Season Feeders

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The 600lb Electric Stand & Fill Feeder™ maintains the quality and durability of our traditional protein feeders, while offering you a much safer way to fill your feeder, and regulate feed use!

Feeder Features:
• Perforated feed tray to keep feed fresh and dry
• Can feed up to 6 times a day
• Dispenses 12lbs of feed in 10 seconds
• Protein feeder head holds up to 75lbs of protein
• Skids for easy relocation
• Easy-access control unit located on the side
• Solar wires hidden so varmints cannot access them
      Feeder Includes:
      • ASF timer with motor speed control
      • 12v solar
      • 12v battery

          Feeder weighs 183lbs when empty.
          Feeder capacity determined by corn weight due to the various size and weight of protein. Because of this variation this feeder may hold up to 18.5% less than advertised capacity.
          Made in Texas.

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