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Works Great mid-day when gobbler usually cannot be called. For whatever reason, if the hunter keeps their face covered with the turkey face, turkeys do not usually pay much attention to the rest of the body. Decoy has flared wings to cover as much of the hunter as practical. Doubles as a a stationary gobbler decoy. Complete with realistic silk removable fan that is foldable for easy transport and includes easily detachable hub that accomodates a real fan for the ultimate in realism.

The Scoot-N-Shoot is MOJO's revolutionary turkey decoy that is specifically designed to allow the hunter to participate in the most effective and exciting way to hunt turkeys. It is a Boss Gobbler Decoy with built in handle and ground stake , fully intended to be the most useful and effective way to be successful in the scoot & shoot method of hunting (sometimes called creeping or fanning), where the hunter spots the turkeys in the open, covers their face and as much of their body as they can, and crawls toward the turkeys. Gobblers notice the hunter but think its another turkey. The real gobbler does not recognize it and assumes it to be a new "strange" gobbler, and once the hunter gets close enough, the  real gobbler will not tolerate the new gobbler in his space and comes for him, allowing close and extremely exciting shots.

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