STRUT 'SlingBlade' Turkey Box Call


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As with any call, it takes practice and technique development in order to master perfect turkey sounds. Everything from positioning, rhythm and cadence can affect the tone of the call produced. That’s why HS Strut developed quite possibly the easiest-to-use box call ever created while maintaining excellent tone and sound quality. The New Slingblade Box Call is a single-sided box call that is constructed of a solid billet of American Walnut with an exotic Purple Heart lid. With only one striking side, the open-close operation is fool proof. The off side is taller, which stops the paddle in the same place every time. Like the open and closing of a door, rhythm and cadence is all you need to master. The hand-tuned Slingblade produces fine turkey talk every time. Features: One-Sided Construction Fool-Proof Open and Close Operation Perfect Clucks, Cutts, Yelps and Purrs Hand Tuned High-Pitched Sound Made in the USA
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